Monthly Archives: April 2012

Honest Complexity

Dishonest complexity happens when you make things more complex to protect your job. IT technicians can do this and get away with it. Accountants can too. Lone programmers often do this as well. Its easy for doctors, pharmacists, dentists and other highly-educated workers to make this happen. Making something more complex than it needs to […]

Change requires only one thing

Willpower. But willpower gets drained: By resistance to change. This is a real phenomenon, not just a cliche that can be overcome using cheap motivational tricks. You will encounter people who just don’t want to change. The best way to work on this is to honestly get to know the people affected. Find out why […]

The weird thing is when things don’t change

If you’ve done the same thing for the last 20 years, you’re the weird one. If your company has been profitable selling one product to the same set customers, that’s odd. If your message to the world hasn’t changed for 10 years, that’s different. If your industry hasn’t experienced radical transformation in 30 years, that’s […]


I’ve worked in and around three types of employee compensation schemes: Salary (or hourly wage) Salary (or hourly wage) + Bonus Salary (or hourly wage) + Commission I’ve been in discussions about wages, some particularly sticky. Like the one where it was revealed that I was paid more than my boss. And the one where I was told […]

Measure to succeed

If you measure how fast a product is created, that measurement will improve. If you measure how many how many proposals you write to win one, that ratio will not easily drop. I’ve used measurement to lose weight, to get projects done, to run faster, and to save money. Find something in your work to […]