Monthly Archives: May 2012

A sense of accomplishment

Set your day’s goals in the morning. Make sure that you can see what you’ve gotten done. It’s important, more important than you realize. There’s two distinct mindsets in my life where I don’t do that. The first is when I’m fighting fires all day, every day, usually caused by a significant breakdown in my […]

Process v. Program: Why is it so hard to decide to change and select an accounting program?

Today’s article is a guest post from another Michael, namely, the celebrated Michael Beatty. Michael has worked in and around accounting programs for years and for many companies, both as an employee and a consultant. I have sought his advice at crucial times, and have always found his experience valuable. Enjoy! ******************************************** Is it fear […]

Complexity, continued

I got some pushback on my definition of complexity–people thought I oversimplified it. Through discussion, there were good points made. People trying to protect their jobs is NOT the most common cause of unnecessary complexity. Often, people are asked to do things with little help or training, and they do the best they can in […]