Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Arrogance of Ignorance

Why do you pretend like not knowing is okay? If you’re trying to do good work in a position that you’re unqualified for, shouldn’t you be asking questions of everybody who comes along? Why are you pretending to be blissful, when you’ve caused harm around you? If she’s explaining something to you that you need […]

Design for the concrete, allow for the abstract

The best designed systems are made easy for the people who think in concrete, in the here-and-now to understand. Software system? Make things happen on-screen, not behind the scenes. Management system? Show people clearly the if-this-than-that rule.  Customer facing system? Instant response, instant gratification. Vendor-facing system? Immediate pay. Government system? Show voters that it makes a […]

New Year, More Change

There are two types of change: The type you create (and thus control) The type you don’t create (and can’t control) Remember: Your new year will be filled with change. Pick the kind you prefer.