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The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination. Few media of creation are so flexible, so easy to polish and rework, so readily capable of realizing grand conceptual structures… Yet the program construct, unlike the poet’s […]


So, in all of our dealings with customers, our active communication should fall into three camps: 1) Relationship-building 2) Strategic thinking 3) Exceptions & Problems There’s another kind of communication that happens all the time, that we want to avoid: 4) Information transfer ********************************************* Let’s think about these in detail: 1) Relationship-building: This ranges from […]

Perfection is the Enemy of the Good: Hiring

We have four core values at Silvertrek: The desire and ability to learn The ability to do something without waiting for it to be perfect The desire to take ownership in what you do The ability to be upbeat and positive, even in the face of adversity We hold ourselves accountable to these core values, […]

Thoughtfulness and the System I’m living right now in Kiruna, Sweden, and the endless contrasts between the cultures, attitudes, and systems of Sweden and America afford me a wonderful chance to contemplate my opinions of things. This is a topic that rarely wears itself out, but there is one particular difference that highlights a choice […]

Secret Sauce

Our least-kept secret is our processes, and it’s the only reason that we’re successful now and that we will be even more successful in the future. See, we do this thing called “checklists” that makes it really easy to get things done–you choose your task, and follow the checklist. There’s a checklist for payroll, there’s […]

A good video from Khan Academy

You Can Learn Anything I fully support the notion that you can learn anything, if you only knew you could.

Just do it NOW.

(or What I Learned From Observing My Wife) I thought I was being smart. See, I figured if I just waited for a while, their would be less effort spent on doing the dishes. You can pile them all up in one spot, and then you can batch-process the whole lot. And the clean dishes […]

Focusing Stone

I’m all over the place. I’ve got people calling me from all of my various clients asking me to help them with this-or-that, I have two clients waiting on proposals, I’m starting work on an unrelated building project, I have financial statements I’m cleaning up, I’m trying to be home with my wife and four […]

Over/Under Billings

Every growing construction business I’ve worked with has struggled at one point with understanding Over/Under Billings. In this post, I decided to depart from words and attack the issue head-on–with a video. Please enjoy.


If you can abstract everything to be anything then nothing has meaning. –Zed Shaw